Order of service templates and other funeral stationery made simple

Choose from our large library of designs to create an order of service that will not only be a cherished memento, but a reflection of your business for many years to come

Do you need an order of service for a funeral? With Order of Service Direct, we’ve made it easy for you to get personalised funeral stationery, quickly and cost-effectively.

We offer our customers a wide variety of professionally-designed items that can all be personalised with pictures, poems and phrases to truly reflect the deceased’s lifetime.

These orders of service are not only cherished by family and loved ones, but they are also the reflection and first impression of your business. Quality, personalised funeral stationery designs could make a big difference to the way you are perceived by customers, and future customers. Order of Service Direct will enable you to look professional – at a price you can afford.

Our online portal showcases a variety of order of service templates, from traditional orders of service to more modern and innovative funeral stationery, with themes including religion, darts, fishing, football and many, many more.

Bespoke order of service design